SIP - SoundLAB Interview Project

Puccini, Marco (aka OTO)

Marco Puccini
is an Italian soundartist

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    Interview:10 questions

    1. When did you start making music, what is/was your motivation to do it?

    I started playing music when I was 20 yo,with a noise band,as guitarist and then I’ve been fond of electronic music.
    I started making music to express myself in a creative way……

    2. Tell me something about your living environment and the musical education.

    I work in theatre as a video technician and I collaborate with several theatre companies as music-maker,I’m self-educated in music.

    3.Is making music your profession? What is the context in which you practice music nowadays?

    I earn some money sometimes playing live-sets and dj-sets in festivals and theatres.

    4. How do you compose or create music or sound? Have you certain
    principles, use certain styles etc?

    I don’t have any basic principles,I take sounds depending on my mood.

    5. Tell me something about the instruments, technical equipment or tools you use?

    I usually use some hardware stuff like: CASIO VL-TONE—ELEKTRON SPS-1UW MACHINEDRUM—ROLAND TR 909—ACCESS VIRUS C—YAMAHA RM1X—YAMAHA SU200—YAMAHA DX7—EDIROL PCR-50—ABLETON LIVE 5 with a mini-mac like sequencer to edit songs.&play live_set.

    6. What are the chances of New Media for the music production in
    general and you personally?

    I really don’t know…

    7. How about producing and financing your musical productions?

    I made music for some dvd for a graphic design studio (,some other music was produced for theatre exhibition.
    the remain of my musical productions is self-produced.

    8. Do you work individually as a musician/soundartist or in a group
    or collaborative?

    If you have experience in both, what is the difference, what do you
    No, I worked together with a videomaker (Virgilio Villoresi) with whom I also create some music.
    He also played with me as videomaker during live_sets.
    I think the main difference is in the relationship with the play,there’s a more rational approach with it,,
    ’cause alone it’s a more intime way of making music.
    I don’t have a precise preference,it depends on the situation.

    9. Is there any group, composer, style or movement which has a
    lasting influence on making music?

    the group I got more influenced is Autechre,and recently also the minimal electronic scene (like Alva Noto, Murcof, Ikeda)

    10. What are your future plans or dreams as a soundartist or

    I wish to continue making music as I’m doing specially for my pleasure and to play in many festivals.

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