SIP - SoundLAB Interview Project

RÿN (Walter van Rijn)

RÿN aka Walter van Rijn

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    Interview:10 questions

    1. When did you start making music, what is/was your motivation to do it?

    In the 1980’s. Shamanism and sound was a great combination to open up to the great beyond.

    2. Tell me something about your living environment and the musical education.

    I started with classical piano education, but for the rest self taught. Now I make sounds with anything I can lay my hands on, including voice and body.

    3.Is making music your profession? What is the context in which you practice music nowadays?

    I’m an artist and sound is one of my materials. Installations, projects, new media.
    At the moment I’m studying MA-fine art by project at the Winchester School of Art.

    4. How do you compose or create music or sound? Have you certain principles, use certain styles etc?

    I start with a conceptual framework, or with sounds collected by microphone. What interests me are procedures, patterns of activities, proccesses that leave a trail that can end up in sound. Lately I’ve been working with data from mathematical curves and intervene with my human not so logical decisions. The whole system from microphone to speaker is something I see as part of the sound.

    5. Tell me something about the instruments, technical equipment or tools you use?

    Computers, software, AV equipment, and most important pencil and paper.

    6. What are the chances of New Media for the music production in general and you personally?
    New Media is a great liberator, but can also be a big isolator, so networks are vital.
    Different media creates different sounds, but in the end it comes down to our human ears and experiences.

    7. How about producing and financing your musical productions?

    The day time jobs give me the freedom to do whatever I like to do.

    8. Do you work individually as a musician/soundartist or in a group or collaborative? If you have experience in both, what is the difference, what do you prefer?

    individually, but collaborate if possible.

    9. Is there any group, composer, style or movement which has a lasting influence on making music?

    shamanism: listen to the world around you.

    10. What are your future plans or dreams as a soundartist or musician?

    To explore and experience.

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